Loving Pet Inn Adoptions was organized in 2010 as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization. In 2020 we changed our name to Loving Pet Project NC (LPPNC) to better align with our mission.  LPPNC is an all volunteer based non-profit that receives no funding from the state, county, or city.  We operate solely on individual / corporate donations, fund-raising events and awarded grants.  94% of all monies goes towards financial aid for spay/neuter and the care of the animals.

LPPNC focuses on providing financial aid for spay neuter & medical needs for pets in our community through its Spay Today Outreach Program (STOP). We are working to eradicate the pet overpopulation problem in our country and reduce the number of animals born by aggressively spaying and neutering owned pets and feral cats.  We are foster based and do rescue abandoned and shelter dogs, take care of their veterinary and rehabilitation needs until ready for adoption.  We are dedicated to take back any pets who have been adopted from LPIA/LPPNC in the past. 
Recurring Events

  • Waggin' Wild 5K Rescue Run-Walk is held the first Saturday in March.  Mark you calendars
  • Year-round Sneaker Collection!  We collect sneakers of all sizes and shape for recycling.  Email outreachlppnc@gmail.com or petprojectNC@gmail.com for information


We’d like to share some big news with you! In 2020, we switched gears and shifted our focus from adoption to primarily spay and neuter! We’ve sold our kennel facility and will be taking a boots on the ground approach in the community to reduce the number of homeless, unwanted dogs and cats born to irresponsible pet owners. As of 6/30/21 we have funded 11,969 spay/neuter surgeries since 2011! with our Spay Today Outreach Program (STOP) and are very proud of the results we have seen at local shelters. STOP offers financial aid for low income families who cannot afford to spay/neuter their pets in an effort to aggressively target the pet overpopulation problem in our area.  
We also offer assistance to pet owners who cannot financially handle a medical emergency for their pets but aren’t ready to surrender them to find new homes. We plan to continue this medical fund so long as our funds allow. These cases are often quite expensive and need to be handled immediately so the pets don’t suffer. 
1073 of our adoptable dogs and cats have found their furever homes since 2011. All of our pets are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, etc. before being placed in new homes. We’ve also regularly taken in pets with additional medical needs that must be addressed prior to adoption.

This past year seemed to be the year of "what ifs?".

When the call came about Athena, an unspayed dog with a life threatening pyometra, we were able to get her into a vet right away.  This fast action saved her life and prevented immense suffering.
What if we had not been there?

When we heard about an injured puppy abandoned in a dog lot with no food or water, we immediately took him to a vet.  It was discovered that he was permanently paralyzed in his hind end from a BB in his spine.  This condition was inoperable.  He is now happy and healthy and loves running around in his wheelchair!
What if we had not been there?

When a concerned neighbor made us aware of Link, a sweet little dog whose owner had died, we got him to the vet for dental surgery as part of ensuring his wellness.  In addition to 13 rotten teeth, the vet removed 5 chicken bones and a 2 inch bread tie from poor Link's mouth!  He is now pain free and enjoying life with his new family.  Little Link can now enjoy eating and his smile lights up the room.
What if we had not been there?

We financed over 375 spay/ neuter surgeries in 2021.  These are pets that would not have been altered without our financial aid program. These puppies and kittens would have been born into a world that does not have a home for them.  
What if we had not been there? 

If you are reading this  you have been there for us. What if YOU had not been there? You are also a part of these stories and we appreciate you.  We can do nothing without the support of our donors, participants and volunteers.  

We want to do so much more in 2022 and we can not do it without you!